Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kekla's Video Intro

Hi, friends!

Since we are still getting to know one another, today I thought I would post the video intro from my application to be the YA Writer-in-Residence. I had a lot of fun making the video!

My video could only be three minutes long because those were the rules of the application. But instead of only running the camera for three minutes, I recorded a LOT more material and then I chose my favorite three minutes.

So what else did I say on the video? Here is a link to my own blog, where I posted some longer clips of me talking about books and writing and teaching.

In the first video, I talk about my new book 37 Things I Love. (In case you are wondering, my brother is the one holding the camera and asking me questions.)

In the second video, I talk about other things related to writing, and then I show a reel of outtakes from when I tried to perfect the "Book Drop" that appears in the final video. It was hard to get it right, but we had fun trying!

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