Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings: "Did you always want to be a writer?"

I often get asked if I have wanted to be a writer since I was a child. The short answer is NO.

If you had asked me (and people did!) back in elementary school what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer would definitely not have been "writer." Not even for a minute. I even remember telling a friend that I thought creative writing was boring!

I wanted to be a lot of different things when I was younger: a teacher, a doctor, a health educator, a professional ballroom dancer, a summer camp director, a non-profit worker, and probably lots more things, too. I even tried some of them out:
  • I was a summer camp counselor for a few years.
  • I took pre-med courses for a year and a half in college.
  • I performed with a ballroom dance team.
  • I became a grantwriter for a non-profit organization.
Today, I'm very glad that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. Being unsure helped me keep an open mind, and allowed me to try new things. It allowed me to have some great adventures while I was figuring out who and what I was going to become.

I admire people who know what they want from a very young age and pursue their goals for many years. I even remember being a little bit jealous of people like that--people who knew exactly what they wanted their future to look like, and exactly what they needed to do to make it happen. It takes a lot of dedication, persistence and strength to go after what you want most.

It took me a lot longer than some people to figure out my real career goals, but once I discovered how much I love writing, it became a lot easier to focus. I am grateful for all the different hats i've worn in my life, because I know that all of my past experiences are helping me make good stories!

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