Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday WordPlay: Start with Setting

Where your story happens matters just as much as who it happens to. Even if a scene seems like it's all about the characters, and it could happen almost anywhere--at school, in a bedroom, on the sidelines at a football game--but the interaction is going to be different if it takes place in these locations.

What sounds do your characters hear? Why are they in that place? Do they want to be there? If not, where would they rather be? What do they see when they look around? How does the air smell? What is the temperature?

Today's challenge is to use a specific environment to create scenes. Choose characters you know, or make up some new ones, and follow them to at least three different places.

Here are some locations to choose from. Write a scene set:
                 in a child's bedroom

                 under the bleachers in the football stadium
                 on the shores of a small lake

                 deep in the woods

                 in a stranger's driveway

                 in an airplane

                 in a foxhole

                 on a cliffside

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