Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday WordPlay: Mix and Match

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Today's poetry challenge works in any genre you choose: short story, poem, or personal reflection.

When I'm stuck not knowing what to write, I find words inspiring. I'm going to give you a handful of words. Choose one of the words to be the title of your poem or story.

(If you like non-fiction, choose a word that reminds you a of something that really happened to you, and write a journal entry about that experience).

Then, try to find a way to include all the rest of the words as you write the piece.

Here are the words:

            MARCH                SUBTLE             BLACK

                         UNDERNEATH         BRUSH

   PRIVACY               SUNSET                           COWER

          BRUSH                  CULTURE           ANNOY     

MARIGOLD               APOLOGIZE           KEY

Don't know what a word means? Look it up in the dictionary! (Merriam-Webster is one of my favorites online.)

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